Though originally from Orlando, Florida, I have a deep love for the Smoky Mountains that I call home.  I am married to the most steady man who has a knack for knowing the most random facts and looks darn good in a pair of scrubs. When we escape the grind that is a medical residency we enjoy camping, drive-in movies, UT football, and dance parties in the kitchen.

I fell in love with photography when I was in grad school for counseling. Once I finished school I wanted to pair my love of families and their unique interactions with my love of capturing beauty in the ordinary.  Nothing is better than getting to know families and telling their stories! You will often find me on the ground playing silly games or jumping up and down like a fool to capture the genuine and joy-filled smiles of your little ones.

I strive to create photos that feel authentic, evoke honest emotion, and beautifully remind families of fleeting seasons of their lives. I often become emotionally invested in my clients and their stories and love nothing more than helping them see the beauty in their everyday lives.


I want to deliver more than a photograph; I want to deliver an emotion. I strive to do so by offering a lifestyle approach to traditional family photos with an emphasis on storytelling, honest emotion, genuine relationships, and inspiring imagery. My main goals are to provide an authentic client experience and to preserve a family’s sweetest moments.

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I am inspired by moments of genuine affection and emotion, beautiful lighting, simplicity, and authentic experiences. My images are often calm but playful; and while I appreciate neutrals and composure, I also want to capture the silliness of real life.


“Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” [Harper Lee]